Used Records

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Want to sell your records to us?  Just click here.  We buy collections big or small.

We have collected thousands and thousands of records since we opened for business in the mid-90s.  Our collection is much too large to display in our store space, and way too big to list on our website.  

We sell records in 3 ways:

  • Our website displays our key items for sale, and featured stock only.  If you want to see our full stock, you have to visit the store.
  • Our storefront location has records in all styles and genres (rock, jazz, soul, reggae, electronic, world, reggae, 80s, metal, punk, rap, r&b, ez listening, blues, soundtracks, folk, spoken word, and more!).  50,000-100,000 records in stock at any given time.   We put out new arrivals 3-5 times a week, so you are guaranteed to see new stock with every visit.  We also have large discount bins ($.50-$2) for all you bargain hunters out there.
  • We use Discogs to sell records out of our back room.  Some are bargain items, others rare...  all in all- a big mix of all genres.  These records are NOT on display in our store, it is like a seperate store.  We add new items to our discogs all the time, so check back regularly.   If you live in Vancouver, and want to purchase records from our discogs catalog, feel free to contact us and we can pull items for you.

If you are looking for any specific items, please contact us, and we can try and fulfill your requests.