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Amyl And The Sniffers - Amyl And The Sniffers LP


Amyl and The Sniffers are a grimy pub rock band from Melbourne, Australia. The band take their cues from a diverse mix of hard rock, Aussie punk, and country. They set out to have as much fun as possible and scared up a whole lot of fans along the way. AATS were brought to ATO’s attention when they opened for King Gizzard. The Sniffers have since been selling out headlining dates in the US and have sold through three pressings of their "Some Mutts" single. Their full-length album releases 5/24.

1. Starfire 500
2. Gacked on Anger
3. Cup of Destiny
4. GFY
5. Angel
6. Monsoon Rock
7. Contro
8. Got You
9. 9 . Punishal
10. Shake Ya
11. Some Mutts (can’t be Muzzled)