One Canada

Cadence Weapon - Rollercoaster LP


On ROLLERCOASTER, Cadence Weapon takes on toxic startup culture, neighbourhoodgentrifying tech companies, fake accounts and the pervasive infl uence of the internet over an ecstatic collection of hyperpop & electro-inspired production, intended to replicate the internet's "sensory overload." With credits including the likes of Grandtheft, Jacques Greene, Machinedrum, Cecile Believe, Martyn Bootyspoon, Loraine James, Taydex, Wesley Singerman, myst milano, and Harrison, Pemberton has organized a combination of tried-and-true Canadian collaborators and "fellow Black weirdos," as Pemberton puts it, to execute his vision. Acoustic interludes from Bartees Strange break up the discord, reminding listeners that they can get back to a more "organic" mindspace, and that maybe they should, indeed, touch grass.

1. Cadence 
2. Press Eject
3. Exceptional
4. My Computer
5. Blue Screen
6. Lexicon
7. Yastm.M4A
8. Eft
9. Bots
10. Sting
11. Shadowbanned
12. You Are Special to Me
13. Alarms
14. TL;DR