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Cherry Glazerr - I Don't Want You Anymore LP (Crystal Clear Vinyl)


It’s been four years since Cherry Glazerr released their resplendent third album Stuffed and Ready, but Clementine Creevy has been in no rush. “I’ve spent these years taking a hard look at myself, at my relationships, and writing about it,” she says. “I guess I’m coming to terms with a lot of my bullshit.” Cherry Glazerr has been on the road more often than not since Creevy was still in high school, and when the pandemic hit, she immersed herself in a static existence she’d been deprived of. 

Creevy describes Cherry Glazerr’s ambitious new album, I Don’t Want You Anymore, as some of her most personal, raw music to date, a collection of songs that elaborate on this period of self-reckoning. It’s the first she’s produced since Cherry Glazerr’s garage rock debut, Haxel Princess, released nearly a decade ago when Creevy was a teenager.

1. Addicted to Your Love
2. Bad Habit
3. Ready for You
4. Touched You with My Chaos
5. Soft Like a Flower
6. Sugar
7. Golden
8. Wild Times
9. Eat You Like a Pill
10. Shattered
11. I Don't Want You Anymore