De La Soul - Live At Tramps Nyc 1996 LP


De La Soul’s Live at Tramps, NYC, 1996 is a time machine for fans old and new. Recorded on May 16, 1996 at New York’s famous Tramps nightclub, the core trio are joined by several guests, including Mos Def, then an unknown property but just about to make his De La debut on Stakes Is High. Common stops by for a pair of tracks, and the Jungle Brothers take the stage for one of the highlights, a reprise of the 1989 single "Buddy."
This collection of songs is classic De La Soul: a mixture of thought-provoking lyrics and teenage high jinks. In addition to “Buddy,” it features live performances of “Breakadawn,” “Potholes In My Lawn,” “Me Myself And I” and more.

1. A1 Maseo Intro
2. A2 Breakadawn
3. A3 Supa Emcees
4. A4 Potholes In My Lawn
5. A5 Big Brother Beat
6. A6 Me Myself And I
7. A7 Shwingalokate
8. A8 Ego Trippin' (Part Two)
9. B1 Oodles Of O's
10. B2 The Bitch In Yoo
11. B3 The Bizness
12. B4 Itzsoweezee (Hot)
13. B5 Buddy
14. B6 Stakes Is High
15. B7 Goodbyes