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My Hero Academia: Season 6 - O.S.T. 2LP (Green Vinyl)


Take an exciting musical journey into the heroic realm of My Hero Academia with the ES Variant of Season 6 vinyl. This exclusive edition offers an exciting listening experience with two green-hued 140g LP discs, all beautifully encased in a captivating gatefold jacket adorned with artwork from the show. It features Yuki Hayashi's iconic Season 6 soundtrack, including the thrilling tracks "Revengers" and " Weeee Are Fuxkin Super Hero!!," making this variant an absolute must-have for devoted fans.

1. Weeee Are Fuxkin Super Hero!!
2. Revengers
3. We'll Be Everyone's Heroes
4. All for My Sake
5. The Next Me
6. Dabi Dance
7. Can't Face the Grief
8. I Am Not Here
9. I Have to Be the One
10. About Your Resolve
11. Look at Me
12. Let's Dance with Me, Here in Hell
13. Assassins from Demon Lord
14. The Lovely Assassin
15. A Power Meant for Saving
16. I Want to Save That Little Boy
17. The Last Wielder
18. I'm Sorry for Everything I've Done
19. Revengers -Plus Ultra Ver.-
20. We'll Be Everyone's Heroes -Plus Ultra Ver.-