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Vince Guaraldi – Peanuts Portraits - The Classic Character Themes LP

Craft Recordings

–Vince Guaraldi Linus And Lucy 3:09
–Vince Guaraldi Sally's Blues 1:59
–Vince Guaraldi Blue Charlie Brown (Version #2) 2:05
–Vince Guaraldi Peppermint Patty 2:39
–Vince Guaraldi Charlie's Blues (Variation) 2:30
–Vince Guaraldi Joe Cool 2:57
–Vince Guaraldi Frieda (With Naturally Curly Hair) (Alternate) 6:07
–Vince Guaraldi Schroeder (Alternate) 2:57
–Vince Guaraldi Little Birdie 3:16
–George Winston The Masked Marvel 5:37
–George Winston Linus And Lucy 3:15


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