William De Vaughn - Be Thankful For What You Got: 50th Anniversary LP


William DeVaughn's 1974 masterpiece Be Thankful For What You Got is one of the most widely recognised soul releases of the twentieth century, a seminal session recorded at Sigma Sound Studios in Philadelphia with a who's who of superb musical talent - from backing band MFSB to John Davis (of Monster Disco Orchestra fame). Born and raised in Washington D.C., DeVaughn had previously worked as a salaried government employee - a drafting technician. A singer in his spare time, DeVaughn wrote the tune 'A Cadillac Don't Come Easy' - eventually re-written to 'Be Thankful For What You Got' in 1972, a song with a devotional, spiritual character which tenderly addressed ghetto sensibilities. Be Thankful For What You Got would go on to reach number 1 on the US Billboard R&B Charts and 4 in the US Billboard top 100, an ever popular song which has been endlessly sampled and covered, DeVaughn even revamping it in 1980 as a four-to-the-floor disco rendition. Featuring musicians from MFSB (Larry Washington - percussion, Norman Harris - Guitar, Bobby Eli - Guitar, Vince Montana - Vibraphone, among others) and recorded at the Philadelphia International Records main studio Sigma Sound Studios in Philadelphia, P.A., the music contains that luxurious Philly sound signature; sweeping strings, galloping percussion and tight, soulful arrangements combine to beautiful extents. Blended with DeVaughn's socially conscious and semi religious lyrical content, the music culminates in something very special - soulful, heartfelt and funky, underscored by a deep and effortless pocket and an enduring message of positivity and resilience in the face of social and financial hardships. Enjoy this limited edition 50th anniversary edition volume, limited to 1,000 copies featuring a fresh liner from Will Fox, and packaged in a newly printed sleeve with an obi and printed inner. Brought to you, with SOUL, from Demon Music Group.

1. Give the Little Man a Great Big Hand
2. We Are His Children
3. Blood Is Thicker Than Water
4. Kiss and Make Up
5. Be Thankful for What You Got
6. Sing a Love Song
7. You Can Do It
8. Something's Being Done