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4th Street Orchestra - Leggo Ah-Fi-We-Dis LP


Limited edition of 750 individually numbered copies on orange coloured 180-gram audiophile vinyl. Founded in 1971, Matumbi was among the earliest and best British reggae bands. They did, however, also record under different guises, including 4th Street Orchestra. In their acclaimed Rough Guide to Reggae, Steve Barrow and Peter Dalton rate this album (and it's counterpart Ah Who She? Go Deh!) as 'the best showcases for Matumbi's talents'. This release marks the first LP reissue of this genuine UK roots monument since 1976. Original member Dennis "Blackbeard" Bovell (of LKJ and Dub Band fame) knew the local sound system scene like the back of his hand, and most tracks on Leggo! Ah-Fi-We-Dis were initially cut as exclusive 'specials' for his own Jah Sufferer sound system and for fellow soundmen. Hardly anyone hearing these tunes at reggae parties would have guessed they didn't originate in Kingston but were recorded in London. And neither did many who bought the records when they were released a few years later. That's hardly surprising, as the material Bovell & Co churned out could easily compete with the toughest output

1. Back-Weh-Babylon
2. Entebee
3. None Ah Jah Children
4. Skatter Skatter
5. Tribute To Idi Amin
6. Ah Fe We Dis
7. Sure Shot
8. Younger Generation
9. Bounty Hunter (Sign Off)
10. North Parade