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Big Jacks - Pimp Tight Cassette


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“Do what you love and the rest will fall into place” is a way of thinking that Jason Isaac (aka DJ Big Jacks) has built his career and life on. In his case, the labor of love has always been music. His passion for it, fuelled by the inspiration of his father and family upbringing helped elevate Big Jacks’ interest in the arts from a hobby he loved to his livelihood.

For his latest effort, the promising deejay and entrepreneur pairs with the fledgliing CQQL Records for, Pimp Tight, a 50-minute cassete ride where Big Jacks returns from five years at the state pen and becomes crowned ‘king of the pimping game.’ Trouble comes when Memphis raps and cold mackin' movie quotes get flipped over soulful soundtracks. Big Jacks is out here doing the job the cops can't, but can he squash a crime lord who wants him to return to the small time?!

-Limited to just 100 copies worldwide.
-Produced entirely by Big Jacks, with artwork illustrated by Cuurlzzz.


People Idolize My Perfection (The Pimptro)
Lac with the Vogues
Mack Lord Pt. 1
4ever P (Interlude)
Sack & ‘Gnac

Smoke Break
The Legend
Just Me n You (To The Top)
She use me
U were right
Mack Lord Pt. 2
Two Eleven
Bring It
Ain’t no game
Pockets Thicc (Cash Flow)
Pimpstress (RIP Loko) 
4ever P (Outro)
Side B: Pimpstumentals