Beat Street Records

Bob's Burgers – The Bob's Burgers Movie (A Major Motion Burger Soundtrack) LP (Yellow Mustard Vinyl)


A1 Sunny Side Up Summer
A2 Lucky Ducks
A3 Not That Evil
A4 The Itty Bitty Ditty Committee/My Burger Buns
A5 Opening, Six Years Ago (Instrumental)
A6 No One Came In Today (Instrumental)
A7 Emergency Kid Meeting (Instrumental)
A8 Try To Look Like Alley Trash (Instrumental)
A9 Treehouse Go (Instrumental)
A10 He's Here (Instrumental)
B11 Tina You Go First (Instrumental)
B12 Left At The Clown Head (Instrumental)
B13 Brave Little Cart (Instrumental)
B14 Go Burger People Go (Instrumental)
B15 Would It Be Faster To Get Out And Walk? (Instrumental)
B16 These Friggin' Ears (Instrumental)
B17 The Mole Hill (Instrumental)
B18 Sunny Side Up Summer (Instrumental)
B19 Lucky Ducks (Instrumental)
B20 My Butt Has a Fever