Chong Wizard

Chris Crack - Good Cops Don't Exist CD



A1 Black Don't Crack Unless You Smoke It (prod. by Passport Rav)
A2 I Know A Place (prod. by Lakim)
A3 Jail Pose With Gangstas [feat. Rome Streetz] (prod. by Chong Wizard)
A4 Dogs Don't Bark At Parked Cars (prod. by Ultra Lord)
A5 Lonely Nigga Clinic (prod. by SonnyJim)
A6 Reparations Not Decorations (prod. by Jimi Wingate)
B1 Cute With Low Self Esteem (prod. by Ugly Boy Modeling)
B2 Go Where You're Prioritized (prod. by Jimi Wingate & Cutta)
B3 Hand Fulla Fupa (prod. by Jimi Wingate & Cutta)
B4 Hardest Thing To Be Is Black (prod. by Tabi Beats)
B5 Got Back With My New Bitch (prod. by Knowledge The Taken)
B6 Keep It Delicious [feat. Ugly Boy Modeling] (prod. by Jimi Wingate & Cutta)