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Coldplay - Everyday Life 2LP

Third Man

Everyday Life, Coldplay's eighth studio effort and first in nearly four years following 2015's A Head Full of Dreams, is a 53-minute double album affair divided into two halves, Sunrise And Sunset. Two songs from the album, "Orphans" and "Arabesque," are also being released as a 7-inch vinyl single. Both tracks were produced by The Dream Team. "Arabesque" features vocals from Stromae and horns by Femi Kuti and his band. The album's cover image is based around a 1919 photo of guitarist Jonny Buckland's great-grandfather's band. The artwork was teased in mysterious posters and billboards all around the world, from São Paulo to Tokyo. The album's tracklisting was unveiled via classified ads in the hometown newspapers of Coldplay's members (in Flintshire, Exeter, Southampton and Fife). The first details of Everyday Life were revealed when the band mailed typed, hand-signed notes to 500 Coldplay fans around the world.

LP1 - Sunrise
1. Sunrise
2. Church
3. Trouble In Town
4. BrokEn
5. Daddy
7. Arabesque
8. When I Need A Friend

LP2 - Sunset
1. Guns
2. Orphans
3. Èkó
4. Cry Cry Cry
5. Old Friends
6. بنی آدم
7. Champion Of The World
8. Everyday Life