Cotillion Records Soul 45s Box Set


One of the most famous subsidiaries of Atlantic Records, Cotillion spanned many genres with its catalogue in later years but is still chiefly remembered for the early Southern soul releases from the likes of Otis Clay, Moses Smith & Darrell Banks. Cotillion Records: Soul 45s (1968 – 1970) is a collection of ten of these singles, lovingly recreated from the original releases and presented in a clamshell box. Also included in the box is an 8 page booklet, a selection of stickers featuring the famous Cotillion logo and a plastic vinyl spider. Remastered from the original vault tapes where possible, many of these tracks have previously only been available on the original rare vinyl - fans of the genre will be delighted to get their hands on these mint re-issues at a fraction of the price, as well as a high-quality digital copy of all tracks via the included code.

7" Single Vinyl 1
Ain't No Sun - By The Dynamics
Murder In The First Degree - By The Dynamics

7" Single Vinyl 2
The Love Of My Woman - By Darrell Banks
I wanna Go Home - By Darrell Banks

7" Single Vinyl 3
Do Right Woman, Do Right Man - By Otis Clay
That Kind Of Lovin' - By Otis Clay

7" Single Vinyl 4
Night After Night - By The Blendells
The Love That I Needed - By The Blendells

7" Single Vinyl 5
I've Fallen In Love - By C & The Shells
You Are The Circus - By C & The Shells

7" Single Vinyl 6
Don't Play That Song - By Lou Johnson
People In Love - By Lou Johnson

7" Single Vinyl 7
I Don't Know - By Baby Washington
1 I Can't Afford To Loose Him - By Baby Washington

7" Single Vinyl 8
Any Way That You Want Me - By Walter Jackson
Life Has It's Ups And Downs - By Walter Jackson

7" Single Vinyl 9
I Gotta Get Back To Lovin' You - By Hollywood Spectrum
L.A., USA - By Hollywood Spectrum

7" Single Vinyl 10
Keep On Striving - By Moses Smith
Come On, Let Me Love You - By Moses Smith