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Cypress Hill - III: Temples Of Boom 2LP (180g)


Cypress Hill were notable for being the first Latino hip-hop superstars, but they became notorious for their endorsement of marijuana. Not only did the group campaign for its legalization, but their slow, rolling bass-and-drum loops pioneered a new, stoned funk that became extraordinary influential in '90s hip-hop – it could be heard in everything from Dr. Dre's G-funk to the chilly layers of English trip-hop. DJ Muggs crafted the sound, and B Real, with his pinched, nasal voice, was responsible for the rhetoric that made them famous.

With its stoned beats, B Real's exaggerated nasal whine, and cartoonish violence, the group's eponymous debut became a sensation in early 1992. The singles "How I Could Just Kill a Man" and "The Phuncky Feel One" became underground hits. Cypress Hill released follow-up Black Sunday in the summer of 1993. It entered the album charts at No. 1 and spawned the crossover hit "Insane in the Brain."

The group added new member, drummer Bobo in 1995, and toured with the fifth Lollapalooza festival prior to the release of their third album, Temples of Boom. A darker, gloomier affair than their first two records, Temples of Boom featured guest appearances by Wu-Tang Clan members RZA and U-God on "Killa Hill Niggas" while diss track "No Rest For The Wicked" ignited a feud with fellow rapper Ice Cube.

1. Spark Another Owl
2. Throw Your Set In The Air
3. Stoned Raiders
4. Illusions
5. Killa Hill Niggas
6. Boom Biddy Bye Bye
7. No Rest For The Wicked

1. Make A Move
2. Killafornia
3. Funk Freakers
4. Locotes
5. Red Light Visions
6. Strictly Hip Hop
7. Let It Rain
8. Everybody Must Get Stoned