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Darone Sassounian - Prerequisite #3 / Prerequisite #4 EP

Rocky Hill Records

Following the two track 12” debut “Prerequisite #1 / Prerequisite #2”, the head of LA-based label Rocky Hill, Darone Sassounian, returns for the second installment of the Prerequisite series, “Prerequisite #3 / Prerequisite #4”. The A-side features a pitched down and stripped back moody cut. Acting as a hypnotic overture to the release, Prerequisite #3 is suited with its spacious kicks, murky bass, and the particular use of a voice message Darone received from an unknown caller. The B-side, Prerequisite #4, features a 4/4 percussive shuffle that pushes forward with progressive jazz-like moody keys, complimented with a gloopy bass line and dance floor friendly texture as well as patterned programing. Recorded in 2020, these tracks are an ode to the dance floors and the dim-lit basements. Nothing but raw music that encompasses a feeling, a moment. This is Rocky Hill.

-Following the two track 12" debut on Rocky Hill earlier this year, Darone Sassounian returns with the second installment of the Prerequisite Series.


Prerequisite #3
Prerequisite #4