Denzel Curry - Imperial LP


Denzel Curry is bringing the rawness back to hip-hop. Hailing from Carol City, FL, his content is radical and he incorporates the many injustices of his hometown in his music never shying from getting too personal including the recent murder of his own brother by the police and black on black violence amongst his peers. His mission is simple, full creative control to generate organic and uncensored music that also has a strong message. At just 21 he is one of the most promising and creative rappers in the industry mixing the rawness of 2Pac with the uniqueness of OutKast. Following up his double EP 32 Zel / Planet Shrooms, and tours all over the world, Denzel is making it his mission to prove why he is here to stay and a threat to the industry with his second full-length effort Imperial. Home to the single "Knotty Head" and featuring guest spots from Rick Ross, Joey Badass, Twelve'len and Nell.

  1. ULT
  2. Gook
  3. Sick & Tired
  4. Knotty Head (featuring Rick Ross)
  5. Me Now
  6. Story: No Title
  7. This Life
  8. Zenith (featuring Joey Bada$$)
  9. Good Night (featuring Twelvelen and Nell)
  10. If Tomorrow's Not Here