Dio - Angry Machines LP (lenticular cover)


Ronnie James Dio's sinister howl and wicked songcraft bewitched hard rock fans in the '70s and '80s during his memorable stints with Elf, Rainbow, and Black Sabbath. After two albums with Sabbath, Ronnie left in 1982 and formed Dio with fellow band mate Vinny Appice on drums. The group's platinum-selling debut, Holy Diver arrived in 1983 and is now revered as a heavy metal masterpiece. Dio released nine more acclaimed albums over the next two decades. BMG offers up remastered 180g vinyl LP reissues of Dio's last four albums, Angry Machines (1996), Magica (2000), Killing The Dragon (2002), and Master Of The Moon(2004), which sold a quarter of a million copies in the US alone and have been out of print and unavailable for nearly five years. Angry Machines was Dio's last with founding memberVinny Appice and features a line-up rounded out by Ronnie James Dio (vocals), Tracy G(guitars), Jeff Pilson (bass) and Scott Warren (keyboards). It finds the band tweaking their style and songwriting formula with more progressive elements and reality based lyrics.

  1. Institutional Man
  2. Don't Tell The Kids
  3. Black
  4. Hunter Of The Heart
  5. Stay Out Of My Mind
  6. Big Sister
  7. Double Monday
  8. Golden Rules
  9. Dying In America
  10. This Is Your Life