Beat Street Records

Dirty Art Club - FTMI LP

Paxico Records

In 2011, Charlotte, North Carolina’s Dirty Art Club started out as a one off, a way to help a friend, who had recently published a book. Heavy Starch was the name of that book, and it was also the name of Dirty Art Club’s first album, a beat tape to celebrate their friend’s publication. Since that time, Dirty Art Club has evolved from a duo, to the solo project of the aural chemist who now creates sound tapestries under that name.

Since 2011, Dirty Art Club has released five full length albums, including the latest, Gardens. The music is intricately detailed, a pastiche of many sounds and styles, stripped, cut and looped, then molded together to create a unique and beautiful sound.

Dirty Art Club’s songs can be atmospheric, or fanciful, and full of humor, with stacked vocal loops and swelling keyboards, sudden changes in tone, style or melodic configuration, and a lightness that belies the intensity required to compose the individual album tracks which form a Dirty Art Club record.


  1. Default Dev
  2. Tell It
  3. FMTI
  4. Videotape
  5. Transcendental Levitation
  6. Leant
  7. Monophobia
  8. January
  9. Cartoon Wasteland
  10. Floor Drug Vampire
  11. Reruns
  12. Charnel House
  13. Triple Stacks
  14. Slime
  15. Golden Graves