Beat Street Records

Exploited- Complete Punk Singles Collection 2LP

Dirty Punk

A1 Army Life
A2 Fuck The Mods
A3 Crashed Out
A4 Exploited Barmy Army
A5 I Believe In Anarchy
A6 What You Gonna Do
A7 Dog Of War
A8 Blown To Bits (Live)
B1 Dead Cities
B2 Hitler's In Charts Again
B3 Class War
B4 Attack
B5 Alternative
B6 Troops Of Tomorrow
B7 Y.O.P.
B8 Computer Don't Blunder
C1 Addiction
C2 Rival Leaders
C3 Army Style
C4 Singalongbushell
C5 Jesus Is Dead
C6 Politicians
D1 Drug Squad
D2 Privacy Invasion
D3 War Now
D4 United Chaos And Anarchy
D5 Sexual Favors