Honest Jons

Guarapo! : Forty Bangers From Barranquilla 2LP


Rough, tough, tumping, bumping soundboy breakbeat from the Caribbean coast of Colombia.
Forty brand new buckaroos, tooled and primed by Jeanpi Perreo, Edwin Producciones and DJ Ander — all from local sound-systems — careering guarapo-style out of punches of vintage Nigerian highlife, waka and co, by legends like Steven Amechi, Sagbeni Aragbada and Cardinal Rex Jim Lawson.
Edited and mastered by CGB at D&M for maximum oomph and worries, and presented in a gatefold sleeve with cool and deadly varnishing. Plus a full-size booklet detailing the fascinating history of this music, seamed into the strange, tentacular byways of hand-to-hand vinyl distribution, record collecting and musical connoisseurship, and the soundclash traditions of the region, suffused with the politics and culture of the Black Atlantic, stretching back to the 1950s.
Bim, bim, bim.


1 Kole Con El Wee
2 Isleño
3 El Bobo
4 La Gyal
5 Anda
6 El Sason
7 Carlitos
8 El Feo
9 Agua
10 La Niña
11 AH!
12 Curaçao
13 El Adios
14 El Bety
15 Te Llego Mon?#
16 Marisol
17 El Nato
18 El Gato
19 El Papy
20 Psicodelico
21 Turbiando
22 Vasile 2016
23 En Seco
24 Sacale Dios
25 El Pitillo (Harold Edit)
26 Una Noche
27 El Italiano
28 El Reloj
29 Y Como?
30 El Loco
31 El Deito
32 El Pase
33 Quidao
34 Apretaito
35 Voz
36 Tu Fuiste
37 Pa Caite
38 La Pantera
39 Mamon
40 Doble Diablo