Hole - Live Through This LP


1994's Live Through This (named after a Gone With The Wind quote) is Hole's second studio effort overall and signature album to date released within a month of the suicide of Courtney Love's husband Kurt Cobain who has long been rumored to have ghost written some of the material. Nirvana's Nevermind may well be the blueprint here with its polished alt-rock production, soft-loud dynamics, plethora of punk-pop melodies/hooks, and raw lyrical pain, but Love brings a feminist bent and overt sexuality to the proceedings which help make it its own beast entirely. Affecting tracks like "Miss World," "Doll Parts," and "Violet" stand up tall against any of Hole's '90s contemporaries and over 20 years later under its own merits Live Through This remains an unequivocal classic!

  1. Violet
  2. Miss World
  3. Plump
  4. Asking For It
  5. Jennifer's Body
  6. Doll Parts
  7. Credit In The Straight World
  8. Softer, Softest
  9. She Walks On Me
  10. I Think That I Would Die
  11. Gutless
  12. Rock Star