Janet Jackson - Janet 2LP


First-Ever U.S. Vinyl Release Complete with Exclusive CD/Digital Bonus Track "Whoops Now"

While Control was an assertion of self-determination and Rhythm Nation 1814 represented a critique of social inequity, 1993's Janet was a frank and liberating celebration of Janet Jackson's sexuality and represents an important milestone in the singer's evolution, both as a person and a recording artist. Still working with hitmakers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis as well as Jellybean Johnson, the simply titled Janet featured a daring front cover and an inner core of brilliantly polished soul pop.

No. 1 centerpiece "That's The Way Love Goes" won Janet a Grammy for Best R&B song while her videos pushed sexuality and feminism into the mainstream arena. Janet made a sonically challenging art here that exhibited a lightning and moon glow dual appeal. The album itself is a loose boudoir concept with interludes and intimate spoken passages. The tracks are monsters: "Throb," "Because of Love" and "Any Time, Any Place" bossed clubs as well as airwaves and also delighted old school fans who picked up on famous samples from the likes of Kool and the Gang, James Brown and Stevie Wonder.


  1. Morning
  2. That's The Way Love Goes
  3. You Know
  4. You Want This
  5. Be A Good Boy
  6. If
  7. Back
  8. This Time
  9. Go On Miss Janet
  10. Throb
  11. What'll I Do
  12. The Lounge
  13. Funky Big Band


  1. Racism
  2. New Agenda
  3. Love Part 2
  4. Because Of Love
  5. Wind
  6. Again
  7. Another Lover
  8. Where Are You Now
  9. Hold On Baby
  10. The Body That Loves You
  11. Rain
  12. Any Time, Any Place
  13. Are You Still Up
  14. Sweet Dreams
  15. Whoops Now

14x platinum worldwide, this is the first-ever U.S. vinyl release for Janet and, in addition to its many hit singles, the reissue includes "Whoops Now," which was previously made available only as a hidden bonus track on CD and digital versions.