Beat Street Records

Lord Beatjitzu - Shanghai Express AKA Bruce Li's Greatest Punches (LP)

Grilchy Party

Extremely reclusive and low key, LORD BEATJITZU is a beatmaker originally from Mexico City D.F. who stays studying and constantly honing his craft. Known strictly through sparse collaborations and various beat tapes over the past decade he has grown a substantial cult following. Lord Beatjitzu has concocted another incredible piece of art which truly represents all the elements of his collectible beat tapes and presents them into a full and lush Instrumental album. Exclusively out via the Grilchy Party, a label known for releasing artists who are infamous for being a little deeper than "underground." Following up his first ever vinyl LP, BEAT KUNE DO, he now presents a neck snapping display with his new LP SHANGHAI EXPRESS AKA BRUCE LI'S GREATEST PUNCHES. Full of the many twists and turns his fans have grown to know and love, it's sure to pack a wallop!