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Madonna - Who's That Girl: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP (Clear Vinyl)


Colored vinyl LP pressing of Madonna's original motion picture soundtrack to the 1987 comedy Who's That Girl which she also starred in. Released at the height of her unprecedented career, the platinum-certified dance-pop affair featured four new tracks from Madonna including the hit singles "Who's That Girl" (No. 1), "Causing a Commotion" (No. 2) and "The Look of Love," while further contributions come courtesy of Scritti Politti, Duncan Faure, Club Nouveau, Coati Mundi and Michael Davidson.

  1. Who's That Girl
  2. Causing A Commotion
  3. The Look Of Love
  4. 24 Hours
  5. Step By Step
  6. Turn It Up
  7. Best Thing Ever
  8. Can't Stop
  9. El Coco Loco (So So Bad)