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Molotow High Solid One4All 180ml Refill Paint


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One4All is the most universal paint on the market. Whether it's marker, brush, stamp or airbrush, this acrylic-based hybrid paint works with every application tool, and on almost every surface: wood, metal, leather, plastic, toys, skateboards, canvases, walls, etc. Highly pigmented, it's completely solvent-free, dilutable with water, UV resistant and weather-resistant. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. All colours are intermixable. This paint is designed for refilling Molotow One4All Acrylic Markers, but can also be used like regular fluid acrylics and applied with a brush, sponge or knife.


Molotow High Solid One 4 All Refill Ink is one of Molotow's latest masterpiece creations. Not just ink but a true high coverage acrylic paint; Molotow ONE for ALL is a highly pigmented, ready to use acrylic-based hybrid-paint, completely solvent-free, easily diluted with water or acetone, high-covering, quick-drying with a silk matte finish. It is 100% UV- and weather-resistant and suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Colors can be mixed for an endless array of custom shades! When mixed with other products it is advisable to test the mixture on a suitable spot. This ink comes Airbrush ready.

Another key feature is that it will work with other Molotow products to give you ultimate creative freedom.

Another nice feature of the Molotow High Solid ink is that bottle. They have an easy-pour lid so it's always convinient to pour the ink quickly and cleanly as you work. The bottles are 180ml (6oz), so there is plenty of ink to use. This will refill a full sized 627 4 times.