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NMCP Studio ‎– Zarecord 2 LP


The long-awaited sequel to 2016's infamous Zarecord, with a whole side of original skipless scratch samples and a selection of regular pitch skipless samples followed by 2 low-down and dirty instrumental beats to cut to.

Noka and M_Cue are better known under their collaborative moniker NMCP Studio. Based in Tver City, Russia, their skills and knowledge of making records is well known in underground circles, especially in Russia and Eastern Europe, as they work tirelessly cutting dubplates for local bands and producers on their hand-made record cutting lathe which they made themselves.

Having joined the Cut & Paste crew for 2017's Scratchblast UK tour, and introduced a unique slowed down style of dirty funk that contrasts the often sterile-sounding beats production around the scratch scene, NMCP have delivered another solid 12” scratch tool that is as full of original content as it is battle-ready.

Easy to use by beginners and veterans alike, and full of excellent disses, taunts, bragging lines and very scratchable crash and lazer noises, Zarecord 2 is one of those records that can just sit on the platter for an entire show and provide all of the material needed to melt audiences minds, or an opponents will to battle....

The 2 untitled beats are slow and funky, with an ominous feeling throughout as NMCP combine old school samplers and synths against an apocalyptic backdrop, bringing the ethos of 90's hip hop production to the half-speed tempos normally associated with dubstep and trap. Make no mistake these beats don't sound like anything else... they sit firmly in the niche that Noka and M_Cue have carved out themselves, which can be traced back through their series of practice loopers going by the name Zalooper 1,2,3 and 4.

The original artwork of Zarecord was made out of chopped up Russian Rubles by artist 8D, and has been incorporated into a collage by another artist by the name of 610C6317.

Side A:

Side B: