Opeth - Morningrise 2LP (Green Vinyl)


Opeth has spent over two decades steadily amassing a body of work that is at once possessed of a fervent and unrelenting devotion to aesthetic progression (and perfection) while simultaneously scaling the summits of power, mysticism and might aspired to by the group's hard rock forefathers in Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin. The band's roots in the doom-laden shade of occult-infused Scandinavian death metal and dark romanticism are undeniable and will never elicit apology. However, band leader, singer, guitarist, songwriter and long-running member Mikael Åkerfeldt has consistently reshaped the pathway forward for his artistic vehicle without sacrificing the hard won spiritualism of previous endeavors.

Opeth's groundbreaking first three Candlelight Records studio offerings - Orchid (1995), Morningrise (1996) and My Arms Your Hearse (1998) - are the perfect documents to experience the early years of this now legendary band and witness firsthand the albums that cemented the group's place in the metal big leagues. After kicking the death metal door in with their 1995 debut, Opeth went right back into the studio in March-April of 1996 to record their epic second album Morningrise, once again with producer Dan Swano. Despite only featuring five songs, the critically acclaimed effort clocks in at 66 minutes with no track under the 10-minute mark and the 20-minute centerpiece "Black Rose Immortal" being one of the longest of the band's career. Includes the 1992 rehearsal bonus track "Eternal Soul Torture."



  1. Advent
  2. The Night and The Silent Water
  3. Nectar


  1. Black Rose Immortal
  2. To Bid You Farewell
  3. Eternal Soul Torture