On The Run





OTR.901 is high-quality alcohol-based paint for multi-purpose use. This high-glossy super permanent paint has a highly opaque coverage thanks to strong enrichment with pigments. Developed for the ON THE RUN SOULTIPTMsqueezer marker series, it also works perfectly with many other artist tools.


For indoor & outdoor use. Works on walls, metal, canvas, mixed media, wood, plastic, glass, stone, leather, and many other surfaces.


The OTR.901 can be used with any paintbrush, air brush, in most pump action valve markers, or in any mob & squeeze marker etc.


Shake passionately before every use until the mixing balls are clearly audible.


New and improved formula!




 Universal ON THE RUN refill

. alcohol-based paint


. 210 ml

. 22 colors


Multi-purpose use!
Covers everywhere!


• high glossy finish
• highly opaque thick coating
• highly enriched with pigments
• super permanent
• weatherproof


Shake passionately!


Optimized for the ON THE RUN SOULTIPsqueeze marker series.


. OTR.REFILLER cap available