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Prefab Sprout - Jordan: The Comeback 2LP


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A1 Looking For Atlantis 4:00
A2 Wild Horses 3:44
A3 Machine Gun Ibiza 3:43
A4 We Let The Stars Go 3:35
A5 Carnival 2000 3:22
B1 Jordan: The Comeback 4:12
B2 Jesse James Symphony 2:15
B3 Jesse James Bolero 4:09
B4 Moon Dog 4:08
C1 All The World Loves Lovers 3:50
C2 All Boys Believe Anything 1:34
C3 The Ice Maiden 3:19
C4 Paris Smith 2:55
C5 The Wedding March 2:46
D1 One Of The Broken 3:52
D2 Michael 3:02
D3 Mercy 1:22
D4 Scarlet Nights 4:14
D5 Doo Wop In Harlem 3:44