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Quantic - Atlantic Oscillations 2LP


Atlantic Oscillations marks the return of world-renowned British producer Quantic with his most cohesive and intricate album to date. Bringing together new players and concepts with a dance orientated sound that has enchanted fans and tastemakers across the world for nearly two decades, it showcases Will "Quantic" Holland's artistry and rare ability to intertwine the electronic with the orchestral. Embracing his own love of LPs that travel, taking the listener on twists and turns, with the loss of the album narrative that has occurred in this day of streaming, Holland utilizes the space created to explore more creativity as a producer. As he admits, "on the whole, the common theme on this record is that it is probably more intricate and arranged than previous records. I spent three times as long as any other Quantic record and spent a lot of time in the detail." This meticulous attitude is apparent throughout; each track has been crafted to draw the listener's attention, with elements of both musical originality and a sense of modernity.


  1. Divergence
  2. Incendium
  3. September Blues
  4. You Used To Love Me ft. Denitia
  5. Atlantic Oscillations


  1. Now Or Never ft. Alice Russell
  2. Orquídea feat. Sly5thAve
  3. Motivic Retrograde
  4. Tierra Mama feat. Nidia Góngora
  5. La Reflexión
  6. Is It Your Intention