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Raw Poetic with K-Def - Easy Way Out 7-Inch EP

Redifinition Records

 Following up on his recently released “Kilawatt V1.5” pro- ject with Damu The Fudgemunk, Raw Poetic, known to many as the frontman from Panacea is breaking out as a solist with a wide variety of styles and collaborations. Up first is “Easy Way Out,” a three song EP featuring Raw Po- etic on the mic with the legendary Hip-Hop producer, K- Def. To those who are unfamiliar with K-Def, all you need to know is that he produced Chief Rocka, Funky Child and a number of 90s staples as well as a bunch of new and in- novate records on the Redefinition label. But don’t get it mixed up; this is Raw Poetic’s show and he covers a lot of ground on these three tracks. Stay tuned for more music from Raw Poetic including a full album produced by K-Def as well as albums and Eps with Kev Brown and Damu The Fudgemunk.