Beat Street Records

Saratoga - Rainy Town Light / Fall Lady 7-Inch


The latest work of the reissue project Tokyo Condition supervised by DJ Notoya, which has reprinted and released many rare titles!LP 'Saratoga' released in 1980 by Saratoga, a band that was active in Tokyo. Although it was an extremely rare self-produced album with only 100 presses at the time, it was carefully selected from the album that was coveted by some dilettantes as a work full of high-quality city pop and modern soul far from amateurs. The two songs that have been released are miraculously made into 7 inches for the first time!The medium tempo mellow fusion soul 'Rainy Town Light' is arranged on the A side, and the bewitching and sharp groove AOR dancer 'Fall Lady' is recorded on the B side. (DJ Notoya)