Sublime - 40oz To Freedom 2LP (180g)


Iconic Long Beach, CA reggae-punk/alternative-rock band Sublime was founded in 1988 by Bradley Nowell (vocals/guitar), Eric Wilson (bass/vocals) and Bud Gaugh (drums). Their self-produced debut 40 oz. to Freedom was released in 1992 via the band's label Skunk Records and has subsequently been certified double platinum. The classic double album is home to such radio hits as "Date Rape" and "Badfish," plus the band's stylized covers of the Grateful Dead's "Scarlet Begonias," The Toyes' "Smoke Two Joints," Bad Religion's "We're Only Gonna Die for Our Arrogance" and The Descendents "Hope."

1. Waiting for My Ruca 
2. 40oz. to Freedom 
3. Smoke Two Joints
4. We're Only Gonna Die for Our Arrogance 
5. Don't Push 
6. 5446 That's My Number / Ball and Chain 
7. Badfish 
8. Let's Go Get Stoned 
9. New Thrash 
10. Scarlet Begonias 
11. Live at E's 
12. D.J.s 

1. Chica Me Tipo
2. Right Back 
3. What Happened 
4. New Song 
5. Ebin 
6. Date Rape/Rawhide 
7. Hope 
8. KRS-One 
9. Rivers of Babylon
10. Thanx Dub