NBN Records

Tha Dangla - Straight Max'n 2LP


For our eight reissue, NBN Archives dips right back in the Bay Area, unearthing a G-Funk gem by San Francisco rapper Tha Dangla. “Straight Max’n” originally came out in 1996 on G-Note Records and produced entirely by G-Note who delivers nothing but smoothed out productions fitting perfectly with Dangla’s funky flow. Despite being considered a Gangsta Rap artist, Tha Dangla remains positive and uplifting on most of the tracks. The eponym track “Straight Max’n”, “Dangla’s Love” and “Homies Dedication” feature Iyesha Johnson and Latonya Coleman on background vocals, adding a nice touch of R&B to the project. Unfortunately « Straight Max’n » was his first and only album as Ramadan "The Dangla" Smith was shot and killed in 2007. He was the younger brother of Edward "The Fast 1" Smith and first appeared on his solo album “Down 4 The Cause” that came out the same year on GNote Records. A worthy addition to the NBN Archives catalogue and one for the G-funk heads, this album is on a limited run of 300 2LP only.

-Limited to 300 copies only.


Straight Max'n  
Game Comes Tight
I Don't Know  
My Condition Is Cold  
On The Down Low  
What Ever's Clever  
Poe People Can't Sleep
Guess Tha Topic  
Dangla'z Love  
Playaz Do What'cha Like  
Homies Dedication  
Show & Tell