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The Minutemen - Double Nickels On The Dime 2LP


The Minutemen's revolutionary working-man's jazz/punk/rock 1984 album Double Nickels On A Dime sprawls across 43 angry, literate, incredibly short tracks. Underscored by George Hurley's crisp, off-kilter drumming, the tight clarity of these compositions is still stunning. The finest album of the Minutemen's career, Double Nickels On A Dime is remarkably as impressive as it is ambitious.

1.  D.'s Car Jam/Anxious Mo-Fo   
2.  Theatre Is the Life of You   
3.  Viet Nam   
4.  Cohesion   
5.  It's Expected I'm Gone   
6.  #1 Hit Song   
7.  Two Beads at the End   
8.  Do You Want New Wave or Dou Want the Truth?   
9.  Don't Look Now   
10. Shit from an Old Notebook   
11. Nature Without Man   
12. One Reporters Opinion   
13. Political Song for Michael Jackson to Sing   
14. Maybe Partying Will Help   
15. Toadies   
16. Retreat   
17. Big Foist   
18. God Bows to Math   
19. Corona   
20. Glory of Man
21. Take 5, D.   
22. My Heart and the Real World   
23. History Lesson, Pt. 2   
24. You Need the Glory   
25. Roar of the Masses Could Be Farts   
26. West Germany   
27. Politics of Time   
28. Themselves   
29. Please Don't Be Gentle With Me   
30. Nothing Indeed   
31. No Exchange   
32. There Ain't Shit on T.V. Tonight
33. This Ain't No Picnic   
34. Spillage   
35. Untitled Song for Latin America
36. Jesus and Tequila   
37. June 16th   
38. Storm in My House   
39. Martin's Story   
40. Doctor Wu   
41. World According to Nouns   
42. Love Dance   
43. Three Car Jam