The New Mastersounds - Be Yourself LP


British funk and soul band The New Mastersounds' second studio album Be Yourself (2003) represents a departure from the constraints of Keb Darge's deep funk scene and demonstrates a broader range of musical styles - funk, souljazz, and jazzy hip-hop. Without the horns which (excellently) dominated the first album, the core quartet - bass, drums, guitar, and organ/piano - has a chance to shine and still leave space in the music. Features guest performances by Corinne Bailey Rae (on "Your Love is Mine") and LSK (on "Idle Time"). Although now over 15 years old, Be Yourself has aged brilliantly!

  1. This Ain't Work Pt. 1
  2. Your Love Is Mine (feat. Corinne Bailey Rae)
  3. Can't Hold Me Down
  4. Be Yourself
  5. You've Had It All
  6. Six Underground
  7. Better off Dead
  8. Do What You Gonna Do
  9. Idle Time (feat. LSK)