Action Bronson - Only For Dolphins LP


On 2018's White Bronco, Action Bronson rapped that "my next album's only for dolphins," and the principled MC is nothing if not true to his word. Thus, Only For Dolphins, out on Loma Vista. A Queens legend, respected for his idiosyncratic pen and vivid raps, Bronson is a decade into his career and still deepening his skillset. Previously released songs include "Mongolia" and "Latin Grammys," which was deemed a "return to form" by Hypebeast. Spanning turkish psych, reggae, French film music, lovers rock, and Russian funk, Only For Dolphins is a booming culmination of Bronson's voracious appetite for global sounds. The album was created with his long-running crew of producers including The Alchemist, Harry Fraud, Daringer, Budgie, DJ Muggs, Tommy Mas and Samiyam.

  1. Capoeira
  2. C12H16N2
  3. Latin Grammys
  4. Golden Eye
  5. Mongolia
  6. Vega
  7. Splash
  8. Sergio
  9. Shredder
  10. Cliff Hanger
  11. Marcus Aurelius
  12. Hard Target