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Air - Moon Safari LP


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1998's Moon Safari is the acclaimed full-length debut from French postmodern electro duo Air- acronym for "Amour, Imagination, Reve" (love, imagination, dream) - comprised of sound auteurs Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoit Dunckel. The pair originally recorded Moon Safari'sbasic tracks on a Fostex D80 in Saint-Nom and then flushed the songs out in Gang Studios in Paris while the album's strings were arranged by music legend David Whitaker at Abbey Road in London. 
Highlighted by lush arrangements and the stylistic electronic compositions "Sexy Boy" and "Kelly Watch the Stars," Moon Safari's ethereal space-pop not only put Air on the musical map, but it distinguished the duo as gifted musicians and songwriters who only sounded like producers. 
Track Listing:
1.  La Femme D'Argent
2.  Sexy Boy
3.  All I Need
4.  Kelly Watch the Stars
5.  Talisman
6.  Remember
7.  You Make It Easy
8.  Ce Matin La
9.  New Star In the Sky
10. Le Voyage De Penelop