My Animal Home

Animal Collective - Sung Tongs 2LP


Animal Collective's 2004 critical breakthrough, Sung Tongs, is being re-released on the band's own label, My Animal Home. More than any previous release, Sung Tongs hinted at the melodic sensibility and melding of widely disparate influences that would lead the group through subsequent crossover success with their 2005 effort Feels, on into their massive surge in popularity with 2009's Merriweather Post Pavilion. Sung Tongs has been called revelatory, epiphanic, dizzying and's no exaggeration that the album documents an essential stage in the evolution of one of the great creative musical forces of our time.


  1. Leaf House
  2. Who Would Win a Rabbit
  3. The Softest Voice
  4. Winter's Love
  5. Kids on Holiday
  6. Sweet Road


  1. Visiting Friends
  2. College
  3. We Tigers
  4. Mouth Wooed Her
  5. Good Lovin Outside
  6. Whaddit I Done