Ari Lennox - Shea Butter Baby LP


Dreamville/Intercope's alternative R&B chanteuse Ari Lennox delivers her long-awaited debut project, Shea Butter Baby. The bulk of the chill and soulful album features the vintage production stylings of Elite ("Shea Butter Baby," "Whipped Cream," "Static," "Speak to Me"), Christo ("Broke"), Jaylen Rojas ("Pop") and multi-instrumentalist Masego, who produced the new single "Up Late," which Lennox aptly describes as a "a neo-soul, sexy, sweet, midnight delight." Includes features from JID and J. Cole.

  1. Chicago Boy
  2. BMO
  3. Broke
  4. Up Late
  5. Shea Butter Baby
  6. Speak To Me
  7. New Apartment
  8. FaceTime
  9. Pop
  10. I Been
  11. Whipped Cream
  12. Static