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Beavis Frond - Triptych 2LP

FIre America

Available in store for Record Store Day, Saturday April 22nd 10am.  Any available extra stock will go online Sunday April 23rd.

The Bevis Frond emerged fully-formed from the skull of British rock, and Pitchfork called it "A Cult Favorite".  This white vinyl reissue of the heavy third offering from Nick Saloman bursts with 60s-psych and includes epic track ""Tangerine Infringement Beak"" clocking in at nearly 20 minutes, "Into The Cryptic Mist" and "Lights Are Changing" a song that went on to be covered by Mary Lou Lord. A labour of love and fiercely independent, his prolific output has seen as many releases in as many years and an uncompromising vision under his own label Woronzow. Hailed as “a Hendrix devotee every bit as tough and contemporary as the serrated guitar chorales of Sonic Youth and Pixies” by Rolling Stone’s David Fricke, his immense psych-stoner-rock has seen him become a cult figure in his own right. The Bevis Frond’s legion of loyal fans includes Teenage Fanclub, Dinosaur Jr and Mary Lou Lord, who have all covered his music.

A1 Into The Cryptic Mist  A2 Debbie's New Song For Drums A3 Lights Are Changing A4 Gemini Machine A5 Phil Exorcises The Daemons A6 Old Man Blank A7 The Daily Round A8 Hurt Goes On
B1 Corinthian B2 Nowhere Fast B3 Tangerine Infringement Beak B4 Hey Joe
C1 Time To Change C2 You're Trying To Get Me High Again C3 Still Couldn't See Her C4 The Pilgrim's Way C5 Through And Through C6 You Got To Unwind
D1 High Wind In The Trees D2 99th Very Last Time D3 I Love You For Your Mind D4 Five Years Wide