Billy Foster - Billy Foster LP

Once dubbed the Magic City, by 1983 Gary, Indiana, had fallen on hard times. Over the previous decade the steel capital of America hemorrhaged half its population, including the Jackson 5, and changed its distinction to America’s murder capital. Lost in this transition was Billy Foster & Audio’s, joyfully beaming, self-titled disco-jazz LP. Recorded under the watchful eye of Bill McQueen, Foster and his band serve up a culmination of his musical experiences, utilizing his jazz training on the piano-forward ‘Sometimes’ and employing his synthesizer pop finesse on ‘I Need Your Love’. Hoping to plant his flag in Gary’s musical canon, Foster issued the LP via his own Equistar imprint, distributing the release as far as a tank of gas could carry him. Two follow ups appeared in ’86 and ’89, but by that point Gary was in deep decline. Audio disbanded in 1993, the year Gary claimed its murder capital distinction. Original picture sleeve, remastered, LTD Edition 180g vinyl press.