Beat Street Records

Blackmore's Night - Shadow Of The Moon 2LP + 7-Inch + DVD

Ear Music

A1 Shadow Of The Moon
A2 The Clock Ticks On
A3 Be Mine Tonight
A4 Play Minstrel Play
B1 Ocean Gypsy
B2 Minstrel Hall
B3 Magical World
B4 Writing On The Wall
C1 Renaissance Faire
C2 Memmingen
C3 No Second Chance
C4 Mond Tanz
D1 Spirit Of The Sea
D2 Greensleeves
D3 Wish You Were Here
E1 Shadow Of The Moon (Ritchie And Candice Anniversary Home Session)
F1 Spirit Of The Sea (Ritchie And Candice Anniversary Home Session)
The Story Of Shadow Of The Moon
DVD-1 The Story Of "Shadow Of The Moon"
DVD-2 Shadow Of The Moon Music Video Clip
DVD-3 No Second Chance Music Video Clip
DVD-4 Renaissance Faire Music Video Clip