Blair Petrie ‎– Inject Glue Into Brain 2LP + CD


Inject Glue Into Brain is a double vinyl gatefold album. The first record - Disc 1 (A Side and B Side is titled 'Inject Glue Into Brain'), the second record - Disc 2 (C Side and D Side) is titled 'Super Nova'. The inner sleeves are full colour with photographs and words and contain a download card and a lyric sheet/small poster with photograph.
The gatefold also contains a double pocket Compact Disc titled 'Songs of Sadness and Love ...and some others' with 9 pieces on it, 7 are unique to the CD and two are from the vinyl album. Also with the Compact Disc is a DVD containing three videos from the retrospective album by Blair Petrie 'Metempsychosis ...the unheard music' and 'Inject Glue Into Brain/Songs of Sadness and Love ..and some others' albums.


LP1 A1 Inject Glue Into Brain (Song For Endtimes) 14:40
LP1 A2 Duchové 4:40
LP1 A3 What is Thing? 1:54
LP1 B1 and then you will be evaluated by the Devil 20:24
LP2 C1 Super Nova 7:47
LP2 C2 Afterture 4:56
LP2 C3 possessed by daemons 9:17
LP2 D1 From the Unseen 22:12
CD 1 PenisMemphis 1:50
CD 2 Super Nova 7:47
CD 3 Without A Word 2:42
CD 4 Requiem 20:59
CD 5 From the Unseen (Excerpt) 5:21
CD 6 Mitochondrial 3:17
CD 7 Is This Where The Story Ends 2:50
CD 8 Rubicon 12:07
CD 9 Beautiful (The Story Never Ends) 7:10
DVD 1 All In A Day 4:33
DVD 2 Metempsychosis 2:09
DVD 3 PenisMemphis 2:20