Blair Petrie - Metempsychosis ...the unheard music 4LP


A four album vinyl set of previously unreleased solo music (and a few uncompleted tracks which had small tape releases and are now finished and remixed) by Blair Petrie. The recordings span mainly from 1978 to 1994 and represent a cross section of many of the styles explored as a solo artist. The set is housed in a slipcase, comes with a poster and a booklet with lots of information: poems, lyrics, photographs etc.. Over two and a half hours of music.

Limited edition of 500 copies


A1 An Introduction 0:28
A2 God Of Love 4:32
A3 Last Corridor 5:19
A4 The Death Of God 2:34
A5 Planctus (Vanquishing The New World) 2:57
A6 My Nightmare 2:12
A7 God Of Love Return 0:31
B1 Iodine 9:54
B2 Piano Bridge (Tangere Est Mixtisque) 0:25
B3 Locked In The Closet With Grandma"s Corpse (Liquescent Subjugation) 9:54
C1 Lips In Section C 9:38
C2 Melissa (LA Song) 5:28
C3 Chop Chop! Fingers Drop 1:43
D1 All In A Day 3:57
D2 Sweet Lorretta Young 2:09
D3 Vortex 9:43
E1 Belsen 10:13
E2 Unit 1 2:02
E3 Centrifugal 1:27
E4 Grey Spring Day 5:08
F1 Slit 4:25
F2 The Other 1:46
F3 Compounded By Intense 1:21
F4 Rolling Drunks In Mazoula 2:15
F5 Elektronik Rock 6:59
F6 Slit Reprise 0:40
G1 The Dance Of The Seven Dysfunctional Billionaires 3:27
G2 Pamela 3:18
G3 Dromos 7:15
G4 Satyr 2:37
G5 Equinox 1:09
H1 Schizoid Kids 2:23
H2 Do The Dance! Do The Dance! 15:13
H3 Ghouls 2:06