Blind Boys Of Alabama - Echoes Of The South LP


Hailed as "gospel titans" by Rolling Stone, The Blind Boys of Alabama defied the considerable odds stacked against them in the segregated South, working their way up from singing for pocket change to performing for three different presidents over the course of an 80-year career that saw them break down racial barriers, soundtrack the Civil Rights movement, and help redefine modern gospel music forever. The five-time Grammy-winners' latest album, Echoes Of The South, draws it's name from the Birmingham radio program that hosted the group's very first professional performance back in 1944. Pairing traditional spirituals and long-lost gospel classics with vintage soul and R&B tunes, the collection is as moving as it is timeless, transcending genre and era to touch something deep and fundamental about the human condition. These are songs of love and friendship, joy and gratitude, faith and perseverance. Uplifting as they are, the recordings can feel bittersweet at times, too: 91-year-old Jimmy Carter retired from performing following the sessions, while two longtime members, Paul Beasley and Benjamin Moore, Jr., have since passed away. Despite the losses, The Blind Boys of Alabama show no signs of slowing down."The spirit of the Blind Boys isn't about what you can't do; it's about what you can do," says singer Ricky McKinnie. "As long as we stay true to that, as long as we sing songs that touch the heart, this group will live on forever."

1. Send It on Down
2. Work Until My Days Are Done
3. Friendship
4. You Can't Hurry God
5. Jesus You've Been Good to Me
6. The Last Time
7. Keep on Pushin'
8. Paul's Prayer
9. Wide River to Cross
10. Nothing But Love
11. Heaven Help Us All