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Bonnie "Prince" Billy - Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You LP


Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You is a tale old as time. It’s an album. Its songs and music are by and for people together. For listening together. Before it gets too late. Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy stands at the nexus all the kinds of music he can summon, with friends, with family and community. all roads roll though him. There can be no holding back. A million billion moments are on the line. He’s gonna tell us about a world...


A1 Like It Or Not
A2 Behold! Be Held!
A3 Bananas
A4 Blood Of The Wine
A5 Sing Them Down Together
A6 Kentucky Is Water
B1 Willow, Pine And Oak
B2 Trees Of Hell
B3 Rise And Rule (She Was Born In Honolulu)
B4 Queens Of Sorrow
B5 Crazy Blue Bells
B6 Good Morning, Popocatépetl