Brat - Attitudes LP (Yellow Vinyl)


Innovative East LA Chicano punk rockers The Brat formed in 1978 when lead guitarist Rudy Medina and his guitarist nephew Sidney met singer-songwriter Teresa Covarrubias. Together they began penning songs that addressed social inequalities while fusing hardcore sounds with reggae undercurrents and a hint of girl group pop. A gig at the Vex in 1980 put them in the orbit of Los Illegals and The Plugz, whose frontman Tito Larriva produced their debut EP 'Attitudes,' making it the first release on his own Fatima Recordz label. A killer set from start to finish, this fully authorized limited edition remastered reissue comes with rare bonus tracks and a printed inner sleeve. Essential! Splatter vinyl version.

1. Swift Moves
2. Attitudes
3. Starry Night
4. High School
5. Leave Me Alone
6. Pledge Of Allegiance
7. The Cry
1. The Wolf
2. Romance
3. Misogyny
4. Chains
5. Over And Over
6. Dirty Work