Beat Street Records

Charley Patton - Founder Of The Delta Blues 2LP


A1 Mississippi Bo Weevil Blues
A2 Screamin' And Hollerin' The Blues
A3 Down The Dirt Road Blues
A4 Pony Blues
A5 Banty Rooster Blues
A6 It Won't Be Long
A7 Tom Rushen Blues
B1 A Spoonful Blues
B2 Shake It And Break It
B3 Going To Move To Alabama
B4 Elder Green Blues
B5 Frankie And Albert
B6 Some These Days I'll Be Gone
B7 Green River Blues
C1 Hammer Blues
C2 When Your Way Gets Dark
C3 High Water Everywhere Part 1
C4 High Water Everywhere Part 2
C5 Rattlesnake Blues
C6 Running Wild Blues
C7 Dry Well Blues
D1 Moon Going Down
D2 Bird Nest Bound
D3 High Sheriff Blues
D4 Stone Pony Blues
D5 34 Blues
D6 Revenue Man Blues
D7 Poor Me